Litter 2 – October 2020

Birthdate: Oct 17,2020

Delivered: 10

  • Chocolate
    • 3 – Female
    • 3 – Male
  • Black
    • 1 – Female
    • 3 – Male

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Meet Luna


Luna is a beautiful 80 lb AKC Black Lab. She’s always sniffing out her next adventure, and loves to swim. Luna does well shed hunting, and doesn’t mind loud and sudden noises (shotguns, thunder, etc.) like others may. She has a very easy going temperament. Luna thrives when surrounded by people, whether they’re actively playing with her or not. She loves to cuddle, she loves to play. She is a very kind and loving mom.


Both of Luna’s amazing parents were avid game and shed hunters. Their area had occasional bear sightings, and both parents would alert everyone when a bear was in the area. Her mom (Sage) is now a K-9 on a police squad. Her owner said, “The last I heard she is at the Idaho/Canadian border. She was an amazing hunter as well, waterfowl, upland game, and sheds. She was a second mom to my kids; so sweet with them, but also protected them. Luna’s dad, Duke was just amazing!! Laid back, easy going, he actually could let us know we were sick before we knew. It was crazy. He also hunted it all. We’ve personally never had a better dog than him. His blood line has a dog named Flushing Bronco, he was a white dog that was really, really popular. You can Google his name.”

I am confident Luna’s pups will follow the greatness of her parents and those of her sire, Blue.

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Hip & Elbow Testing

Direct Link to: OFA Results

You will see in the link above, and the image below, that what linkable siblings and half-siblings are there, also are good with hip/elbow, which is a good indicator.

Both hip and elbow tests are good!

  • Reg Num: SR99704313 AKC
  • OFA Number Age (mos) Final Conclusion
  • LR-243045F27F-VPI HIPS 27 FAIR (which is within the normal range)*

If you look under ,

  • 86.9% of OFA Hip test are “Normal”, which Luna is.
  • 89.7% of OFA Elbow test for Labs are “Normal”.

*”The OFA classifies hips into seven different categories: Excellent, Good, Fair (all within Normal limits), Borderline, and then Mild, Moderate, or Severe (the last three considered Dysplastic).” -source:

DNA Testing

Testing was done by Embark.

Downloadable Results

Results explained:

  • Clear means there are zero issues for that disease
  • 1 Variant means she is a carrier only, and will not exhibit these conditions. Nor will her puppies if the stud is not a carrier (Blue is not).

Meet Blue

Kennel Facebook site: Triple-Command-Kennels-Pointing-Labs


Blue is a 75 lb Chocolate Lab with a lean athletic build and a nice, blocky head.

Blue has his CPR (Certified Pointing Retriever) with the American Pointing Labrador Association. He has both CGC ( Canine Good Citizen) and CGCA (Community’s Good Citizen) titles, and has gone 1 for 1 on his AKC Junior Hunt Test. (Planning on passing more to get his title next summer, even though he is on a more senior level.)

He is very versatile, and points upland game and holds point very well. He is a beast on the river, retrieving ducks and geese. He also has a great temperament–hence the CGC and CGCA titles, he is awesome around kids and occasionally makes visits to the elderly. He also loves to retrieve sheds. He is as versatile as a Lab should be, and will likely pass that on to his offspring.

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Hip & Elbow Testing

Direct Link to: OFA site

DNA Testing

  • CNM – clear
  • DM – clear
  • EIC – clear
  • HNPK – clear
  • PRA / PRCD – clear
  • DRD 1 – clear
  • SD2 – clear
  • HUU – carrier*

*Carrier – In general, carrier dogs mean that they do not have features of the disease but when bred with another carrier of the same mutation, there is a risk of having affected pups.  This is really only a concern if you are buying to breed. If so, you MUST not breed with another carrier of the same mutation. If your intention is to breed, please discuss this with me. Also, I suggest you use a DNA testing company that does a wide panel (UC Davis, Embark, etc). Pawprints basic panel does not test for HUU.


We made it all the way home and she was a champion. She did about three little yelps at security and not a peep the rest of the seven hour trip. Such a good girl! And she adores her blanket. Thanks so much for your frequent videos and updates, and for meeting me at the crack of dawn. She’s going to be a good girl.

She’s having a ball. Zoomed everywhere after being cooped up. She even whined and pottied outside! …

Oh my gosh, she’s the best little thing! She has another girl and boy to play with and they all get along famously. Not one fight! She is half their age but holds her own. She snuggles up with me and is just adorable.

Thank you! She’s a great little dog. She doesn’t cry at night and never messes in her crate. I just love her to death.

Hello. I bought Lucy from you about six months ago. I thought I’d share some pics of her first trip to the water. She is an incredible dog. She’s very serious and quite skilled. While my other puppies are awkward teenagers, Lucy is insanely agile and powerful. She now jumps my four foot high baby gate that keeps them out of the living room like it’s not even there, while none of the others even come close to clearing it-not even the male who’s older and taller. She’s a stout, compact powerhouse with a massive neck and broad chest. She is all business, except first thing in the morning, when all the others get released from their crates and bolt out the door, Lucy rockets into my bedroom, shoots onto my bed and absolutely revels in morning tummy rubs and scratches. Anyway, she’s just the best little dog and we are still just as tight as we were the day you handed her over and she licked my face. She is my GIRL. I just thought you’d like an update.

– Happy Puppy Owner, California Lucy (3)

Thank you for blessing us with the best pup ever!

What veterinarian do you use?  Ok thank you…. We’re getting another female pup tomorrow and I need to get her chipped …. I’ll call both. Thank you. I have to say, you’re the best breeder I’ve come across here in Utah.

– Happy Puppy Owner, Utah We did make it home! Meant to tell you. Faye was the best riding companion! Such a trooper and soooo good with her potty breaks! The kids were thrilled and she is beyond perfection! Thank you guys so much! She is making herself cozy!  …

We absolutely LOVE Faye. Her personality and her distinctions. She is so dang pretty. And that is awesome! Sweet Luna!  Do you think there will be a chance for my dad to adopt one let us know! We would love to tag along Luna’s journey regardless and will be watching on FB, but my dad is totally smitten by Faye and would love a companion from her family line.

She has been such a little smart tart too!

– Happy Puppy Owner, Colorado Faye (1) We could not be happier with the entire experience from start to finish. Kyle was incredibly quick to respond and flexible meeting with us to let us meet the puppies and the mother. The entire family was very welcoming and friendly to us in all of our visits to spend time with the puppy before bringing him home. We were encouraged to come visit often and even through difficult circumstances with Covid, we felt very welcome. Beyond being flexible and friendly, they were incredibly well researched and prepared. We were blown away time and time again by the information that Kyle would provide us. He had recommendations on food, training, health, and much, much more. We feel incredibly lucky to have found rocky mountain dogs and are so pleased with our puppy. If there were more stars to give, we would. If you are looking for a lab, with awesome temperament and personality from a breeder that is friendly, helpful, and well researched, rocky mountain dogs fits that description perfectly. Thank you! – Happy Puppy Owner, Utah Hi! She has her vet appointment on January 7th!! We are excited to see how much she weighs now! She’s doing so good, growing like a little weed!! We are beyond obsessed with her! … Hope they are all doing as good as ours!! 🥰

She is just the best little pup we could ask for! So smart and listens so good already! My parents were amazed how fast she responds to her name and comes when she’s called. My husband was taking down Christmas lights out front and she just followed and stayed close. Didn’t run off at all. And when neighbors/kids walked by, she didn’t run after them. She just stays close and observes everything!! We let her sit in the side by side while we moved it out of the garage so she could hear the noise. Didn’t phase her at all. She just sat in the seat happy as could be!! We just love her so much!!

Oh, she loves the vacuum!!! Lol!! We have a cordless one we run around the house and she pounces and hops all around it! big fun! i think playing those noises really helps!  She definitely loves the water!! We get a little shower companion everyday!! 😄

…she is the THE BEST dog in the world!! She’s getting so big! All shots current and she’s fully vaccinated! Loves going in the car and side-by-side! Tomorrow she is going to swim for the first time! We just couldn’t love her more!! – Happy Puppy Owner, Arizona Hi Kyle, It has taken me way too long to do this, but here is a quick update on “blue collar” now Boomer.
Boomer is thriving, he is totally toilet trained during the day and night. He was incredibly easy to train, thank goodness. He is 19 weeks today and weighs 45 pounds. He had his last set of vaccines a couple of weeks ago and the vet was really happy with his growth. The vet told us that he is one of the happiest puppies and can tell we are a good mix for one another. We absolutely adore Boomer, and truly enjoying having him as a member of the family.
We go up to Starvation almost every weekend, so he has learned how to swim and jump off the rocks into the water to retrieve sticks.
Hope this finds you and your family well and happy 🙂 Here are few quotes or statements about Boomer:
Boomer is a smart, loving, charismatic, Labrador. He brings joy, and happiness to everyone he meets. Every where we go people always stop us to say what a beautiful, sweet Labrador he is.  Our family wouldn’t be the same without him.

– Happy Puppy Owner, Utah

Link to full Video above

Aggie went on her first camping trip with us, learned to swim too! She comes everywhere with us, everyone is always impressed with her temperament. She is such a well behaved dog, so calm but also super playful!!

Aggie has been such a wonderful addition to our family. She is incredibly smart, well tempered, and loyal. She is complimented daily on her gorgeous stature and shiny coat. We are so lucky to have such a calm, loving Labrador who is also always up for an exciting adventure. Aggie is a natural swimmer, and loves diving under the water to find hidden toys—she’s impressive with her nose work. Rocky Mountain Labradors did an amazing job preparing the pups for takeoff. We strongly believe their tender care for the puppies and exposure to different environments and sounds helped Aggie be the confident lab she is today!

– Happy Puppy Owner, Utah

Aggie Aggie's 1st hunt at 8 months! Aggie’s 1st hunt at 8 months! Aggie ~3 months 1 year 1 Year

Kyle is a wonderful and caring Breeder. He clearly puts his heart into breeding the best lil pups he can.


– Happy Puppy Owner, Wyoming

We did send him to obedience school with … Bruno did great… He was very obedient and a trainable dog…

Bruno is the sweetest, most loving, family dog you could ever have. We would recommend to anyone thinking of buying a Labrador to buy from Kyle and his family. Our puppy was well cared for and loved. The transition from separating him from his mom and bringing him to our home was so smooth. We know that is because of the way he was taken care of as a puppy and a newborn. Bruno is very healthy, very active. He is very smart. And he is definitely a retriever. Always looking for sticks, and wanting to play fetch.

– Happy Puppy Owner, Utah

We had a wonderful experience getting our male black lab from Kyle. From the first phone call he was helpful, professional, organized, and friendly. Everything went great! Our dog is healthy and in great condition. We highly recommend them!

– Happy Puppy Owner, Utah

Harley aka Rainbow has been the best dog and the quickest learner she learns things quicker than any dog I have had in the past and very mild tempered at home. We have been so happy with her and the wonderful puppy that she is.

– Happy Puppy Owner, Idaho

Thor is an amazing family dog. He is great with our kids. He has given the kids responsibility and confidence. We have been working on his retrieving skills as well as using his nose to find things. Those skills have developed naturally and has been a big enjoyment for us. He is an intelligent dog which has translated well into obedience and skill training

– Happy Puppy Owner, Utah

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