Puppy Pricing


  • Price - call or text 801-425-0486
  • All labs - black, chocolate, male or female - same price
  • $200 (non-refundable) deposit
  • Payment methods
    • Cash
    • Check - delivery after check clears bank
    • Cashiers check
    • Zelle app
    • Venmo or paypal (if we talk - there are specific requirements per their policies).
  • Delivery - delivery within the United States - available - "at cost" to the buyer.


  • Born:  likely mid May 2021
  • Available:  likely mid-July, 2021

Pups will come with:

  • AKC Registration - All pups will come with a "Full" AKC application document delivered with the puppy. This authorizes/allows you to register the puppy with a FULL AKC registration. Keep in mind, some kennels only do "limited" registration. Limited prevents you from breeding. If you don't plan on breeding, its HIGHLY suggested you spay or neuter.
  • De-worming -  Done at 2, 4, 6  and 8 weeks.
  • Vaccination - 5 panel vaccination done in week 7
  • Dewclaws removed - Why remove? The large majority of dog owners, kennels, vets, etc suggest that dewclaws are removed. It comes down to a safety issue for active dogs. They can catch the dewclaws on things, rip them, which can cause big problems and great pain for the dog.
  • Vet Well Check - before going home (during the 7th week), and the first round of shots.
  • Comfort Blanket - a blanket rubbed against mom's body and siblings for puppies to remember the pack by in the first few days.
  • Puppy Food - A few days worth of the same puppy food the pups were using so you can gradually ease your puppy onto the puppy food of your choice.
  • Fact Sheet/Guide - Will contain all details about your pup and what to think about in the first couple of months, as a new owner. Birth, vaccination info, vet check, etc.
  • Pictures - pictures of your pup and its family - during the 8 weeks. (texting along the way).
  • Pedigree - copies which shows mom and dad their AKC pedigree
  • Socialization - All pups will be introduced to people and situations - making it easier to for them to adapt to your home.
  • Health Warranty
    • DNA- (12 months) I will refund your money (buy back) your lab should you do a DNA check and your lab comes back with "two copies" or "affected" with any common DNA deficiency for the Labrador breed. The DNA test has to be done by a recognized lab or a certified vet.
  • Extras
    • Microchip - $40


  • Deposit Contract
  • Contract


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