Meet Blue

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Blue is a 75 lb Chocolate Lab with a lean athletic build and a nice, blocky head.

Blue has his CPR (Certified Pointing Retriever) with the American Pointing Labrador Association. He has both CGC ( Canine Good Citizen) and CGCA (Community’s Good Citizen) titles, and has gone 1 for 1 on his AKC Junior Hunt Test. (Planning on passing more to get his title next summer, even though he is on a more senior level.)

He is very versatile, and points upland game and holds point very well. He is a beast on the river, retrieving ducks and geese. He also has a great temperament–hence the CGC and CGCA titles, he is awesome around kids and occasionally makes visits to the elderly. He also loves to retrieve sheds. He is as versatile as a Lab should be, and will likely pass that on to his offspring.

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Hip & Elbow Testing

Direct Link to: OFA site

DNA Testing

  • CNM – clear
  • DM – clear
  • EIC – clear
  • HNPK – clear
  • PRA / PRCD – clear
  • DRD 1 – clear
  • SD2 – clear
  • HUU – carrier*

*Carrier – In general, carrier dogs mean that they do not have features of the disease but when bred with another carrier of the same mutation, there is a risk of having affected pups.  This is really only a concern if you are buying to breed. If so, you MUST not breed with another carrier of the same mutation. If your intention is to breed, please discuss this with me. Also, I suggest you use a DNA testing company that does a wide panel (UC Davis, Embark, etc). Pawprints basic panel does not test for HUU.